Google Sheets finally adds XLOOKUP function – 9to5Google

Ben Collins, a Google Developer Expert working with Sheets, shared this week an explanation detailing several new features that have been released for Google Sheets. Specifically, 10 new functions that will be helpful for power users.

Google further announced the feature in a blog post…….

How to Insert Multiple Rows in Google Sheets – How-To Geek

Do You’d like to need a quantity of extra rows in your spreadsheet, don’t waste time including one row at a time. Google Sheets provides A pair Of the method So as to add a quantity of rows, even between your current rows, in your spreadsheets. We’ll current You methods.


How to make a pie chart on Google Sheets – India Today

Graphs and charts give you a visual to represent data. If you want to show parts of a whole, a pie chart is a way to go. Check out how to make a pie chart on Google Sheets.

Representational Image / Unsplash

Google Sheets are noted for being a web-based spreadsheet application that …….

How To Change Column Width in Google Sheets – Alphr

Fitting enough information into a single cell is incredibly important when it comes to understanding what the cell is trying to tell us. The data can get compressed or cut off within a column, so you may need to change the column width. Luckily, Google Sheets makes it easy.

Changing column…….