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Google is rolling out a new update to its Sheets app with some notable changes to menus. According to the company, the updated menus make it easier to find and use key features.

To start with, Google has shortened the menu bar and right-click menus to better fit your screen. This prevents menus from being hidden off the screen, an issue that is more prevalent on devices with smaller displays. The company has also shortened descriptions of some times to allow for faster recognition.

Next up, Google has reorganized some features, moving some menus to “more intuitive” locations. For example, the “freeze” option is now available from the right-click menu. So you can now freeze a row or column much quicker. There are also cons to help you locate features more easily.

Last but not least, Google Sheets if picking up changes are across all menus, including “File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Date, Tools, Extensions, Help, and Accessibility.”

“The new design improves the findability of key features, making it quicker and easier to use Sheets, especially on devices with smaller screens,” Google said in a blog post announcing this update. “Some of your favorite menu items may have moved a little, but all existing functionality is still available. We hope that their new home will be more intuitive and make it easier and faster to navigate the product.”

This update began rolling out to users last week, for both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains. Google says it could take up to 15 days for the changes to be visible for everyone. There will be no admin control for these changes, which will be ON by default for all users.

Google rolls out a new update to the Sheets app

Google Sheets is a handy tool for editing and organizing information, as well as for collaboration. It is quite popular as well, having crossed one billion installs on the Play Store earlier this year. The company has also been regularly adding new features or making changes to the app for improved functionality and usability.

In June, Google rolled out a new interface for comments and discussions on Sheets, with filters and other similar features. Now, the company is updating and organizing the menus for improved discoverability of key features.

All Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers and users with personal Google Accounts, will receive the latest Sheets update. Click the button below to download the latest version of Google Sheets for your Android smartphone.



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