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Graphs and charts give you a visual to represent data. If you want to show parts of a whole, a pie chart is a way to go. Check out how to make a pie chart on Google Sheets.

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Google Sheets are noted for being a web-based spreadsheet application that allows users to create, share and modify sheets online. It’s also convenient to make your own pie chart on Google Sheets.

Steps to create a pie-chart on Google Sheets:

  • Select the data you want to use for the chart. You can do this by dragging through the cells containing the data.
  • Click Insert>Chart from the menu
  • You’ll immediately see a recommended graph appear based on your data. It may be a pie chart, but if not, you can change it easily.
  • Select the chart and click the three dots that display on the top right of it.
  • Click ‘Edit chart’ to open the chart editor sidebar
  • On the setup at the top of the sidebar, click the chart type drop-down-box. Go down to the pie section and select the pie chart style you want to use.
  • You can pick a pie chart, doughnut chart, or 3D pie chart
  • You can then use the other option on the setup tab to adjust the data range, switch rows and columns, or use the first row as a header.
  • Once the chart updates with your style and setup adjustments, you’re ready to make your customization.

Customize a pie chart on Google Sheets:

  • Click the customized tab at the top of the chart editor sidebar
  • Under chart style, choose a background colour, font style, and chart border-colour
  • In the ‘Chart and Axis Titles’ section, change the title, add a subtitle, and format the front

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